There’s a new brew in the cauldron of Heavy Metal. Under a Spell is an elixir of all that is Heavy Metal; past, present, and future.  With an angelically powerful front woman, thunderous drums, buttery sweet bass, and a full on guitar tonal assault.

The Chosen One

Under A Spell


Pam Rosser, “Under A Spell” Vocals

Pam Rosser was born in Kew Gardens NY, She moved to Texas when she was five years old.
Growing up in the seventies, Pam was influenced by many styles of music. This was mainly due
to her mother’s taste.

As a teen, Pam took voice lessons at a local community college and performed in a few local bands.

After several life events she returned to music after meeting her now husband, Tom Rosser. Tom is the rhythm/lead guitarist in Under A Spell. Under A Spell will be Tom and Pam’s legacy to their children and grandchildren. Pam wants them to know, that if you have a dream, you should go for it. Pam uses Sennheiser microphones and Boss effects.

Rhythm/Lead Guitarist

Tom Rosser, “Under A Spell” Guitarist

I started having an interest in music at a young age and started playing guitar at the age of fifteen. After two years of classes at school, I decided to progress on my own. I am always striving to learn and achieve more in my playing and writing. Once I found my passion for metal music I never looked back.

Current gear:

Marshall and Krunch Amps, Jackson Guitars, Fortin Pedals, Dunlop and Krunch Pedals, Shure Wireless, Krunch Cabinets, Krunch Cables, Peterson Tuners, String Source Pics and Strings.

Endorcement: Krunch Kabinets and Kables @


Colby Rodgers, “Under A Spell” Drummer

I grew up loving oldies rock and roll. I found my love for metal in high school. Since forming my first band, Astyanax, in 2010, playing this extreme music for the masses has been my life’s singular dream.

I started as a drummer but also discovered my vocal talents in 2012 with Asylum. My current projects include Astyanax, Asylum, Blasphemous Goat Vomit, Rabid Flesh Eaters, Lucifer Invictus, and Persecution Complex.

I play Pacific FS series drums, with an eclectic set of cymbals ranging from Sabian and Zildjian to Paiste. I use OnTriggers on my Axis Pedals.  

Lead/Rhythm Guitarist

Stergas Stockwell, “Under A Spell” Guitarist

I became interested in guitar as any young man does, women ( girls when your 12). One Christmas I was gifted a Les Paul knock off with a chord chart, 10″ combo amp the following year. As my teen years went on I taught myself from that chart, tab books, and by ear to my favorite music. Along the way I recieved great tutelage on achieving great tone. I continue to learn, because guitar is fundamentally basic, yet constantly technically evolving.

Current gear:

Endorsements:Asterope cables

Solar, Dean, Gibson, Schecter electrics Guild, and Epiphone acoustics

Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 100W heads 1960 JCM 900 Full stack/ 1936 2×12, Krampus cabinets 4×12 & 2×12 colossal sized. Orange Rockerverb MKIII 100W, Randall RG3003H

Rack mount:

Monster power conditioner, Shure gdx wireless system, Korg tuner, Radial engineering D.I.


Dunlop 535q wah, Dunlop bass wah, Dunlop rotovibe, Radial engineering switchbone V2 , Fortin Zuul

Miscellaneous: Radial engineering jd48x di, Dunlop Tortex Sharp picks, Ghs boomer electric strings, Dunlop bronze acoustic strings, Leather straps by Texx, Ice Storm Cases.

Bass Guitarist


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